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Sebastian Giovinco posts cryptic Instagram caption — again

Stirring the pot as always, Seba took to Instagram again.

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Sebastian Giovinco proved yet again today that he loves stirring the pot and sending Toronto FC fans into a frenzy. He posted a photo of himself on Instagram in a red coat, with the caption, “Red... at least until next year.”

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Red... at least until next year

A post shared by Sebastian Giovinco (@sebagiovincoofficial) on

Like the reasonable fans we all are, everyone who saw the post immediately freaked out (and possibly rightly so, this is one of his more on-the-nose posts). Giovinco has been lobbying TFC for a new contract for about a year now, and this wouldn’t be the first time that he’s hinted at an uncertain future with the club.

This one, for example, scared TFC fans who interpreted his wave emoji as a farewell:

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A post shared by Sebastian Giovinco (@sebagiovincoofficial) on

He also posted this back in 2017, when it seemed like he and the club’s staff were at odds on whether or not he was fit enough to return to play:

A far greater majority of Seba’s comments have been positive, though, expressing love for the city and the club.

The reasonable, measured response to this latest post is that Seba is posturing for a new deal yet again; we know he probably doesn’t really want to leave, having started his young family in Toronto and settled in nicely. He’s only signed for one more year, which is what he’s likely referring to — not that he intends on leaving after the next season. It wouldn’t be the first time Seba’s caption has been a little up to interpretation.

The reasonable, measured response is no fun though, so let’s all freak out.