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New Toronto FC away kit potentially leaked

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This may or may not be what the Reds’ newest jersey will look like.

MLS: Toronto FC at Atlanta United FC Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Toronto FC are due for a new away kit this season, after two years with the most recent white-red-and-blue shirt. The kit is scheduled to be revealed officially at the club’s President’s Breakfast next Friday, but it looks like it may have leaked a little early.

Can I be the first to say that this looks damn sharp? It’s clean, tasteful, and (most importantly) free of blue. The thin horizontal stripes look great in my opinion, although it does seem to be a trend with this year’s MLS kit reveals (D.C. United and the Philadelphia Union, if memory serves).

I do think the stripes might look better if they included the shoulders and arms; the cut-off is a little jarring. That said, it might not look quite like that when seen on a player. I also really like the black/onyx accents, especially on the BMO logo.

A lot of people really wanted TFC to return to the onyx look they had back in 2014 and 2015, and I was on board with that. Those were some of the best-looking jerseys the Reds have had, in my opinion. That said, this is an excellent alternative.

Also, the gold star over the crest is particularly prominent on the white background. Looks good, doesn’t it?


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