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How many national teams have Toronto FC connections?

Test your useless knowledge in this (admittedly difficult) quiz

Sporting Kansas City v Toronto FC Photo by Abelimages/Getty Images

The international break continues to drag on for Toronto FC fans. So much so, in fact, that it’s beginning to make me go kind of crazy. “What,” I asked myself, “should I do with my time? An in-depth analysis of TFC’s play through six games? A breakdown of Ager Aketxe’s brief appearances? The assignment I have due on Wednesday?”

“No,” I said. “Do something dumb and pointless.”

That I did. Our fellow SB Nation soccer blog, The Tilehurst End, published something this morning offering readers the chance to put their knowledge of the club to the test. It’s a Sporcle quiz, asking you to name the national teams of 14 random players from Reading FC’s past and present.

Very fun. I wanted to do something similar, and in doing so I took advantage of one of the few luxuries of a club with a short history. I scraped the Wikipedia articles of all 12 TFC seasons to figure out just how many countries have been represented by current and former Reds.

Turns out, 34 national teams have TFC connections. Some teams have players on the current squad, of course. Some players used to play internationally earlier in their careers, before moving to Toronto (ahem Seba ahem). Others got their international break after leaving TFC.

I want you to name all 34. Some connections are tenuous — I think a couple countries listed are for players who appeared a handful of times for both TFC and their national team. Doesn’t matter, this is supposed to be difficult.

I’ve tried to give you guys a bit of a hint, by including the number of Reds who have played for an individual country, as well as the country’s continent and (when necessary) the years a certain player played for TFC.

I’m not expecting anybody to actually get this perfect. If you’re looking for hints, feel free to ask questions and I might be able to drop a couple in the comments.

If the quiz isn’t embedded properly below, here’s the link.