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Club America 1-1 Toronto FC: The good, the bad & the ugly (Leg 2 - CCL Edition)

One more Mexican side to go...

NurPhoto via Getty Images

The Good

TFC’s half-reserve squad claimed a series victory over one of the best teams that Mexico has to offer... the Louse is as quiet as a mouse... hey Club América, what do you think about Alex Bono now? Don’t hear you laughing on the sidelines (a la preseason) anymore! Does crow taste any better with habanero sauce?... to date, Michael Bradley is the defender of the tournament... the return of Greg Vanney’s shirt!... the Steven Caldwell “trickery” drinking game: 5 times. I really do like how he uses that word... no batteries or bags of urine... Bono’s awesome blue is Jonathan Osorio doing it?!... Seba is a lucky lad. That flying leap off the top turnbuckle could easily have been a yellow card... the offside call that saved Eriq Zavaleta from goat-horn-city... here at WTR we’ve already talked about the rain, but I have to add: the rain in Spain may fall mainly on the plain, but the rain during the game really enhances TFC’s fame... the save of the decade. Alex’s athleticism has to be added to the annals of amazing achievements at Azteca... Club América was nowhere near as vicious as I thought they would be. In fact, they were quite sporting (did you catch the fist-bump offer from their captain, Oribe Peralta, to Alex Bono?)... the chance to see a team of fresh faces against Colorado on Saturday. Can’t wait to see if the boys can pass this latest roster-depth test... TFC’s picture will now be displayed in the visitors’ corridor at the Azteca — a constant reminder of MLS’s “inferiority”.

Soccer: Concacaf Champions League-Club America at Toronto FC Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

The Bad

Nico Hasler’s second field goal of the series from less than 18 yards out... the penalty call at the end. ‘Moor’ of a true-up for the missed call on Drew in the first half. (Apologies for using a pun from the Rauter School of Wordsmithing)... the published attendance for the game. MLS and ESPN both have it at less than 25,000. Really?... another upcoming series where we don’t get the return leg... the late-game yellow to Moor. Another true-up for the missed penalty?... the terrible sound mixing at TSN. Try as they did, the engineers just could not get the ratio of game volume to studio volume correct... the dangers of over-confidence. Chivas are not to be taken lightly.

The Ugly

Those peel and stick CCL sleeve patches. By the end of the game they had all fallen off and were littering the field like confetti... the interior roofs at Estadio Azteca. I understand their purpose but, man, are they ever ugly... to continue in the same vein, what were those yellow-green space pods in the centre-field stands?... the laser pointers. Did you notice how the fans turned at the end of the match and started shining them at the Club America players?... the “camera” quality on KJ’s post-game interview with Osorio. The playback must have been done on a Fisher Price Movie Viewer (younger readers, please look it up; it’s a hoot)... constant references to the same two pieces of Azteca history. If I hear about Pele’s goal one more time, I may have to shove my “hand of god” through the TV screen.