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Colorado Rapids 2-0 Toronto FC: The good, the bad & the ugly

Did we really expect anything better?

MLS: Toronto FC at Colorado Rapids Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

The Good

Like pan-handling for gold, I really had to search for a few nuggets of goodness.

The pitch at Dick’s Sporting Goods Park. That Kentucky Bluegrass looked almost good enough to eat... Jordan Hamilton’s play down the left side, especially his cross in the eighth minute. Shame that Tosaint couldn’t get his Kei Kamara-esque hairdo on the end of it... Ryan Telfer’s defensive stop against Dominique Badji in the first half... referee Toledo’s fatherly pat on Aketxe’s back after Ager screamed at the incorrect throw-in (30th minute)... Clint Irwin (part 1): the save on Badji’s blast, high-right... the experience gained by TFC’s youth brigade... Clint Irwin (part 2): the save on Badji’s blast, low-left... Aketxe’s dipsy-doodle move in the first half. He needs to hit the bloody net, though... Clint Irwin (part 3): the save on Dillon Serna’s blast, high-middle... Ashtone Morgan wearing the captain’s arm band for the last 14 minutes.

MLS: Toronto FC at Colorado Rapids Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

The Bad

How does the sideline official’s flag break?... someone please tell Drew Moor that those one-legged, stab clearances don’t even work at the U-10 level... Ricketts is not a starter. Think it’s time to give J-Hams a few more chances. Or, trade Irwin and Spencer to Portland for Fanendo Adi (insert your trade suggestion here)... Aketxe’s wasted free kick from 45 yards out. Going for goal from that distance — really?... Jason Hernandez repeatedly forgetting to stay between Colorado’s attackers and his net... why did Tim Howard hug Tommy Smith around his waist during the injury break in the second half? Just curious. Not that there is anything wrong with that... no more talk of Liam Fraser being an option to spell Michael Bradley, please. In a year where the Reds are trying to retain their place at the top of the heap, he just isn’t ready... Colorado’s supporters throwing confetti and ribbons into the wind after the penalty kick goal. Good thing they weren’t trying to fill bags with urine... Steven Caldwell never said “trickery” once. Consequently, I had to add another word to the drinking game: “quality.”

MLS: Toronto FC at Colorado Rapids Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

The Ugly

My TFC Stockholm Syndrome from years gone by kicked in and I actually held out hope for some type of result, right up until the 78th minute... the ease with which Ager Aketxe becomes frustrated. In the words of Mr. Caldwell, just get back in the game and “do your job”... the white away kit. The jersey looks good on a mannequin, but not so good on the pitch... speaking of ugly kits, Colorado’s shorts look like long boxers... Eriq Zavaleta trying to keep pace with Badji. I thought that he was going to go bum-over-tea kettle... the alternate field lines at DSGP (yellow)... Mic Mac 77 first commented on this on March 1, and it has only gotten worse: all the hair above Enzo Martinez’s neck. Doesn’t he know that Josh Donaldson is the only sports-Viking in North America?... this flashback to 2011 will probably be repeated against Houston. Is Danny Koevermans busy?