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Fireworks heard near the Chivas hotel last night

One person on Twitter had a rough sleep, at least...

MLS: Real Salt Lake at Toronto FC Nick Turchiaro-USA TODAY Sports

Sounds like it’s happened again. One Twitter user complained early this morning of hearing fireworks at 3:30 a.m. near Front St. and University Ave. — right around the Royal York Hotel where (coincidentally, of course!) the Chivas Guadalajara players are staying ahead of tonight’s CONCACAF Champions League final first leg.

This isn’t confirmed, of course, but Toronto FC supporters did also reportedly set off fireworks outside the Seattle Sounders’ hotel the night before the 2017 MLS Cup Final. It worked out that time, of course, so why wouldnt it this time around?

TFC must truly be a CONCACAF powerhouse if their fans are doing this kind of thing. I’m sure the Chivas players will be out of sorts in the freezing cold tonight regardless, but any extra edge can certainly work in Toronto’s favour.

There’s a very strong contingent of Chivas fans in the city, many of which were singing outside the Royal York when I walked past it earlier today. The most popular club in Mexico, they’ve got supporters everywhere, plus they’d certainly travel well to see their team in the CCL final.

The Reds are hoping their fans can counter the Guadalajara support, though, with an announced 29,000 tickets sold for tonight’s match.