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Toronto FC 1-2 Chivas Guadalajara: The good, the bad & the ugly (Leg 1 - CCL Edition)

These Goats are good...

Soccer: Concacaf Champions League-CD Guadalajara at Toronto FC Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

The Good

The support at BMO — both groups of fans... Altidore played one of his best games of the year despite being visibly ill... TFC strung together some nice passes and cut through Guadalajara’s stingy back line on five different occasions. The ball must bulge the ol’ onion bag, though!... I saw Jesus (Godinez) make the Sign of the Cross... Drew Moor played well at left centre-back. He also showed offensive flair and vision that surprised many in attendance, including the Chivas players... glad to have a little more leg room. But, it’s times like these when the boys need our genuine support more than ever... a fact to help bring a few more bodies back on board the bandwagon: Chivas has yet to win at home during Liga MX play this season (seven tries), and their 1-0 win over the Red Bulls was against 10 men. Go Reds!

Soccer: Concacaf Champions League-CD Guadalajara at Toronto FC Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

The Bad

Greg Vanney did not wear his lucky shirt... not taking advantage of Chivas’ depleted roster... Mother Nature finally decided to take back from the good guys. She blew that free kick into the south net... speaking of free kicks — three tries for Seba and nothing to show for it... Chris Mavinga’s injury woes. Time to start planning for a season without him (see “Drew Moor,” above)... Eriq Zavaleta doing the backwards shuffle. At some point he has to stand firm and stop surrendering real estate like that... all our eggs in one basket: sacrificing two league games for this final was absolutely the right strategy. But, it’s proving to be quite costly at this stage... Justin Morrow was, understandably, slow and awkward. Shame that his first return to action was in the high-pressure stages of a major final... the recent ice storm bent the TFC flagpole at the side of our house. A bad omen?... all this talk of “TFC being shocked” and “Chivas are the underdogs.” These Goats are good. They are well coached. They deserve respect.

Soccer: Concacaf Champions League-CD Guadalajara at Toronto FC Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

The Ugly

Defensive narcolepsy. This time it was a little nap to start the game... the repeated giveaways by almost every red shirt, especially through the middle of the pitch... no real option for Vanney to replace Altidore for a large chunk of the match. Either trust J-Hams or get another quality, starting-calibre striker (Ricketts is a super-sub at this point)... the pitch looked better than at any time this year. Ironically, it evened the playing field a little too much (pun intended)... CONCACAF’s rules committee. Not clearing yellow cards for the final is ridiculous. Bradley et al. couldn’t make any aggressive (yet legal) tackles. Consequently, Chivas did the “Jarabe Tapatio” around TFC several times... the missed penalty call! The ref did not want to decide the game but, by not awarding TFC a deserved spot kick, he may have actually decided the series. That being said, champions always find a way to win! Go Reds!

Author’s note: I can’t do “COYR.” It reminds me too much of Liverpool, and that just can’t happen.