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Houston Dynamo 5-1 Toronto FC: The good, the bad & the ugly

No point getting all riled up...

MLS: Toronto FC at Houston Dynamo Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Reader Alert: This article was written while I was in a very foul mood…

The Good

Our horrible experiment is finally over. Now, we all know, conclusively, how TFC II would fare in MLS… Mitch Taintor’s goal. In what may be the only MLS start of his career, it was nice to see him grab a great memory… Ryan Telfer’s ability to cross from the left side, especially his cross on the disallowed goal… Clint Irwin made six saves. (I know, “who cares?”)… nice corner kick and a couple of nice cross-field passes by Ager Aketxe (but, see below)… Alberth Elis’ goal celebration. The original Black Panther?... another experiment in the books: MLS proved that you can make decent looking jerseys out of plastic waste. Fitting that our boys were wearing garbage.

MLS: Toronto FC at Houston Dynamo Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

The Bad

TFC’s defence played “react, retreat and roll-over” all afternoon long… Greg Vanney’s shirt has lost its power. Maybe this particular Infinity Stone needs that blue, granny-napkin tie of his to unlock its secrets (I’m serious)... Steven Caldwell praising Liam Fraser for his play during the past two games. Did Steven watch the same matches that I did?!... is Nicolas Hasler this year’s Armando Cooper? Big splash in the middle of last season, and no contributions, despite multiple chances, this season. How’s Beita doing in L.A.? (That’s my foul mood talking)... Julian Dunn, and Hasler, were treated like chew toys by Houston’s attackers, especially Romell Quioto… TFC’s goal differential. Could come back to haunt us at season’s end... where was Ricketts?... no star on Toronto’s jerseys… no star on Toronto’s team… Aketxe must do more. These are his opportunities. The only ‘strings’ that he pulled with any regularity were the ones on his shorts.

MLS: Toronto FC at Houston Dynamo Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

The Ugly

The soccer gods are merciless in their zeal to preserve yin and yang balance. They only had one game to get Taintor. So, they evened out his goal with that ridiculous missed header — the one that led directly to Houston’s fifth… speaking of the fifth goal, did you catch the withering look that Fraser gave Taintor? If that’s not the pot calling the kettle black (jersey), then I don’t know what is… Aketxe’s penalty attempt. I can kick better with my left foot. Is it time to pull the plug on this failed experiment as well? (That’s my foul mood rearing its ugly head, again)… those blasted trumpets blaring throughout the match. I really wanted to do things to those fans that no trumpet was meant to do… TSN/CTV: enough! Let someone else who cares have a crack at broadcasting TFC games! This was a nationally televised event. There is NO excuse for allowing alternate audio feeds from other networks to be played over top of yours!... the “Pitchside Patio” at BBVA Compass Stadium. It looks like they just tried to plug a hole with something ill-fitting and ineffective — hoping for the best. Sound like any lineup you know?! (Foul mood over, bring on the Goats!)