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Rate the Reds: Giovinco’s class comes through

He won the Golden Ball, but THIS is the real prize...

Soccer: Concacaf Champions League-Toronto FC at Guadalajara Orlando Ramirez-USA TODAY Sports

First off, I want to acknowledge that I’ve completely forgotten about these articles for the past, like, four games. Waaay too many games going on to keep track of.

Anyway, just as Toronto FC will try to get back on track in MLS, so I will try to get back on track with Rate the Reds. Your man of the match from Wednesday’s soul-crushing CONCACAF Champions League finale is (who else?) Sebastian Giovinco.

Seba, as he’s done all tournament long, put on a masterclass against Chivas, scoring a characteristic goal after a frustrating start to the game for him. He finished with 191 upvotes and just five downvotes.

Gregory van der Wiel also got a lot of love, playing an admirable game out of position while dealing with an injury. I’m also heartened by the fact that Michael Bradley finished with an overwhelmingly positive rating; I was worried he’d be the scapegoat for missing his penalty, after playing a remarkable game at a position we’ve never seen him in.

Jordan Hamilton is at the bottom this time around, one of four players in the negatives. I don’t think we really saw much that was bad from him, but not a whole lot of good either. Marky Delgado also finishes near the basement, probably for failing to score that sitter in the 90th minute.

Here are the full rankings (I did not miss calculating these!):

1. Sebastian Giovinco +186
2. Gregory van der Wiel +173
3. Nicolas Hasler +160
4. Ashtone Morgan +115
5. Alex Bono +98
6. Jozy Altidore +97
7. Michael Bradley +73
8. Auro +55
10. Greg Vanney +39
11. Victor Vazquez +10
12. Ager Aketxe -15
13. Jay Chapman -17
14. Marky Delgado -30
15. Jordan Hamilton -33