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No more excuses for the Reds’ results, it’s time to start winning

At first they were excused due to the CCL, now there are no excuses.

MLS: Chicago Fire at Toronto FC John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Sports

Once again, Toronto FC has failed to get a three-point result at home, drawing Chicago Fire 2-2 at BMO Field due to some Alan Gordon late-game magic. Now Toronto has only won one of their three games at home this season.

At first, Toronto FC were in the CONCACAF Champions League, so they had an excuse, but now there are no more excuses because the CCL has finished.

Let’s just get onto the obvious: giving up a 2-0 lead is unacceptable for a team that was labeled “the deepest team in MLS history” by Greg Vanney under a year ago. That doesn’t quite look to be the case now that our depth is being tested to greater extents.

I understand that two of their losses were mainly related to the CCL and resting key players, but now that key players are playing (besides Jozy Altidore for this game), they need to pick up the results that they need so that they can kickstart the campaign. Excuse after excuse can continue to be made; that they don’t have many centre-backs, or that they don’t have all three of their DPs. But there comes a point where you have to be able to grind out results (especially at home) and do what needs to be done for the sake of your team.

Toronto FC may have just recently played in a CCL final on Wednesday versus Chivas Guadalajara, to only lose on penalties. But the best teams in their respective countries and leagues are able to do this, without complaining about the lack of match fitness, or something other than that. If we continue to simply say that “things didn’t go our way” whenever the Reds lose, it feels to me that we’re taking a step backward to times like the 2014 season — where we had great players but we couldn’t apply them to create good results.

I haven’t lost my patience (and I’m not close to) with this team, but they really need to pick up three points (at home) versus Philadelphia Union next Friday, so that they look like they can bounce back and become contenders for the “best team in the league” status once again.

They were the best team in MLS last year, but now they need to prove it again in 2018. I believe our players can bounce back from their previous MLS results, now they need to begin to believe in themselves as well. So I’ll stand behind them, and as supporters, let’s all stand behind them so they can get out of this rough patch of form and get back to their winning ways.