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Toronto FC 3-1 Club América: The good, the bad & the ugly (CCL Edition)

The Reds showed that they can rise above the drama and the dirt.

Soccer: Concacaf Champions League-Club America at Toronto FC Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

The Good

There was so much goodness that we had to insert an intermission...

That was an epic win. It really was. Playing against the best that Mexican football has to offer, without Vazquez, Morrow and Mavinga, in conditions unfit for man or beast. Unless that beast is Jozy Altidore… the gift from the referee. That was not a penalty. But, the soccer gods are big on karma, and Club América are nasty pieces of work. So, it all evens out… today’s tongue twister: from the slippery spot, Seba scored softly with a straight shot… the partnership between Marky Delgado and Auro showed a few flashes of brilliance… Alex Bono’s save in the 84th minute. Could be the play of the series… Altidore’s surprise move to the outside on Toronto’s second goal. Now we need a repeat performance at the Azteca (no pressure, Jozy)… Jonathan Osorio’s tireless work rate… “Man of the Match” honours are jointly bestowed upon the weather and the turf. One team handled it, and one team did not… Club América trying to pull a “Red Bulls in the rain” on us. Credit to TFC for maintaining composure...

Steven Caldwell’s new favourite word: “trickery” (we now have a new edition of the Steven Caldwell Drinking Game)… props to all the fans who supported the Reds in ponchos and toques... Michael Bradley’s positional play. He read the game like he was sitting in the press box… Miguel Herrera’s nickname: Piojo (The Louse). Couldn’t have said it better… the best name on the pitch: Joe Corona. To complete the image, he should dye his hair lime green… van der Wiel played well at centre-back. You don’t have to be flashy to be effective… then there was Ashtone. I really didn’t think that he had it in him. I am so glad that he proved me wrong. Enough said.

Soccer: Concacaf Champions League-Club America at Toronto FC Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

The Bad

The Club América players jibing at Seba prior to the penalty kick. Ridiculous bullying tactics… three TFC players allowing Andrés Ibargüen’s fancy orange shoes to mesmerize them… the fact that the referee even allowed the América players to jibe at Seba… despite a couple of good link-ups with Marky Delgado, Auro had a poor match: multiple giveaways, a few missed assignments, and periods of invisibility as he clung to the touch line… the underwear issue: breaking the rules even before the game started… wasn’t impressed with Nico Hasler’s brief appearance. I will catch some flack for this, but he looked confused and painfully slow… too many words, Mr. Caldwell: “(the spectators) thought that (Altidore) was going to drive forward with his left-hand foot.” What?… the thought of Azteca stadium on Tuesday night: a cauldron of flying “batteries and bags of urine” (quote courtesy of Darren Dutchyshen).

Soccer: Concacaf Champions League-Club America at Toronto FC Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

The Ugly

Miguel Herrera. Doesn’t he remind you of Danny Devito in Batman Returns?... Club América’s dirty play. Nasty pieces of work, the lot of them (see “karma” reference, above)… the lies during Club América’s post-game presser...’ugly’ section kept short because it really was a good night.