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Toronto FC 1-2 Seattle Sounders: The good, the bad & the ugly

Toronto FC was “soundly” beaten.

MLS: Seattle Sounders at Toronto FC John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Sports

The Good

Victor Vazquez found a way over the parked bus. That short, high pass to Sebastian Giovinco was the only way to get through Seattle’s defence... Giovinco’s presence of mind to flick the ball to Jonathan Osorio, even though 6’3” Stefan Frei was bearing down on him... Seba’s free kick off the post... Auro Jr.’s one-on-one defending down the right side... Ager Aketxe’s cross late in the game... Wayne Rooney coming to MLS... Zlatan already in MLS... is Robin van Persie available?... as you can see, I’ve got nothing else. This game was a real stinker.

MLS: Seattle Sounders at Toronto FC John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Sports

The Bad

Possession without purpose is meaningless (shades of the first half against Montreal)... losing to Seattle’s “B” team... the Formation Wizard was foiled by Brian “he who must not be named” Schmetzer... Jay Chapman’s missed opportunities, especially that sitter after Seba’s free kick... Greg Vanney did not wear his lucky red & white shirt... absolutely no chance of being better than “the best team in MLS history”... K.J.’s initial attempt to compare Toronto FC to Real Madrid. That was a stretch. Credit to Oso for not biting... the red streamer that sat on the south side of the field for the whole game... Tosaint Ricketts really needed to bury that last ditch chance from six yards out... today’s tongue twister is brought to you by Seattle’s tactics: the sneaky Sounders’ shoddy shirt snagging stifled soccer’s super squad... Ashtone Morgan’s first touches. He was too heavy, all night long... Alex Bono’s poor decision making, all night long... Toronto FC’s sloppy giveaways in midfield, all night long... trying to play cross after cross into a box flooded with green, all night long... no aerial presence from TFC, all night long... now I can’t get that damn Lionel Richie song out of my head... Ricketts and Hamilton were totally ineffective. Is Robin van Persie available?

MLS: Seattle Sounders at Toronto FC John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Sports

The Ugly

Losing to Seattle’s “B” team (yup, it gets a second mention)... Waylon Francis channeling Paul Pogba’s hair (see above)... no real sense of urgency in the second half until it was too late... Uncle Ted’s refereeing. He was terrible. At one point Vanney shouted at the fourth official, “He’s not even going to call it (fouls) unless we say something!”... Seattle’s jerseys. Those things are a cross between bad army camouflage and tossed lettuce... getting beaten on the counter... the missed offside call. It wasn’t the reason why TFC lost the match, but this inconsistent application of technology is truly “Vulgar And Repulsive”... Morgan and Hamilton’s collective brain fart in the 89th minute. Someone needed to get on the end of that... these freaking injuries! MLSE did us no favours with this bloody pitch. There is a product called PlayMaster that can be installed in 48 hours. It is used at Ajax, Bilbao and Bordeaux. Look it up, Mr. Manning... Preki sitting in a coach’s chair at BMO Field... my mood. I want this trip down 2010-11 memory lane to end immediately!