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Toronto FC player salaries 2018: Winter signings expensive

The MLS Players’ Union released its salaries today, and we learned what Toronto FC’s players are making.

MLS: Seattle Sounders at Toronto FC John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Sports

2The MLS Players’ Union has released its biannual list of player salaries, and we learned a whole lot about Toronto FC’s roster makeup. Of the major winter signings, Ager Aketxe is making the most at $1.295 million, followed by Gregory van der Wiel at $835,000, and Auro at a relative bargain for $200,004.

A lot of TFC players received raises from last season. Victor Vazquez’s salary more than doubled, from $700,000 to $1.5 million. Jozy Altidore is up from $4.875 million to a flat $5 million.

Chris Mavinga, Drew Moor, Eriq Zavaleta, Justin Morrow, Nicolas Hasler, and Alex Bono all received significant raises as well. To compare everyone, you can see last year’s salaries here.

The TAM-level money going to van der Wiel and Aketxe is a strong indicator of the front office’s ambition. The fact that Aketxe is being paid so highly also indicates that he’s probably going to become even more of a mainstay in the lineup, ideally for a good few years.

You can see all the player salaries below. For anybody wondering, Vazquez makes the same amount in guaranteed compensation as Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

Toronto FC salaries

Player Position Base salary Guaranteed compensation
Player Position Base salary Guaranteed compensation
Sebastian Giovinco F $5,600,000.00 $7,115,555.67
Michael Bradley M $6,000,000.00 $6,500,000.00
Jozy Altidore F $5,000,000.00 $5,000,000.00
Victor Vazquez M $1,365,000.00 $1,500,000.00
Ager Aketxe M $1,190,000.04 $1,295,000.04
Gregory van der Wiel D $800,000.04 $835,000.04
Chris Mavinga D $500,000 $563,333.37
Drew Moor D $350,004.00 $350,004.00
Justin Morrow D $300,000.00 $300,000.00
Eriq Zavaleta D $225,000.00 $263,558.45
Marky Delgado M $230,000.00 $230,000.00
Clint Irwin G $210,000.00 $221,312.70
Jonathan Osorio M $201,350.63 $209,825.25
Tosaint Ricketts F $190,008.00 $203,174.67
Auro D $200,004.00 $200,004.00
Nicolas Hasler M $132,000.00 $147,666.67
Ayo Akinola F $54,504.00 $140,504.00
Nick Hagglund D $125,004.00 $134,629.00
Ashtone Morgan D $120,000.00 $121,500.00
Jay Chapman M $99,000.00 $117,500.00
Alex Bono G $82,000.00 $102,200.00
Jordan Hamilton F $72,930.38 $100,430.38
Ben Spencer F $67,500.00 $72,800.34
Liam Fraser M $67,500.00 $72,500.00
Jason Hernandez D $67,500.00 $67,500.00
Caleb Patterson-Sewell G $67,500.00 $67,500.00
Aiden Daniels M $54,500.04 $54,500.04
Julian Dunn D $54,500.04 $54,500.04
Mariano Mino M $54,500.04 $54,500.04