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Rate the Reds: Giovinco the best of another tough night

Seba wins his fifth man of the match in a row.

Tagwa Moyo // Waking the Red

Toronto FC lost a frustrating contest 2-1 to the Seattle Sounders on Wednesday, and none of their players came off looking particularly fantastic. The defence was sloppy, none of the substitutes made a serious impact, and the finishing up front was well below its usual standard.

Sebastian Giovinco is, for I think the fifth time in a row, your man of the match. He took 10 shots and assisted Jonathan Osorio’s first-half goal. Oso also got a good rating for his finishing ability, as did Victor Vazquez (perhaps more for how pronounced his absence was after he left the game with injury).

Michael Bradley comes in joint-last, as it became more apparent than ever that 1. he is not a centre-back, and 2. the midfield misses him dearly. Ryan Telfer is level with Bradley on -54 after he was thrust into a very difficult spot to replace Vazquez.

This extends Seba’s lead at the top of the cumulative Rate the Reds leaderboard. Check out the full, updated standings right here.

And here are the results from the poll after Seattle’s game.

1. Sebastian Giovinco +107
2. Jonathan Osorio +104
3. Victor Vazquez +102
4. Gregory van der Wiel +82
5. Ager Aketxe +71
6. Auro +58
7. Jay Chapman +22
8. Jordan Hamilton -13
9. Alex Bono -36
10. Marky Delgado -38
11. Greg Vanney -42
12. Ashtone Morgan -43
13. Tosaint Ricketts -44
=14. Ryan Telfer -56
=14. Michael Bradley -56