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6ix on a Wave: Everybody Loves a Nut — Name the squirrel!

Hull City v Sheffield Wednesday - Sky Bet Championship Photo by Ashley Allen/Getty Images

Another week in the books; our boys gutted out an ugly win, showed their gumption. Kudos.

Are Toronto FC back on the horse? Has the pendulum swung? Is our season saved?

  1. If you feel like divining the future, once again, WTR has you covered. Mitchell tackled those big questions in his Op-Ed and Podcast. (If you haven’t tuned into the podcast yet, you are missing out. It’s really hitting its stride. I can’t think of a better way to drown out the morning TTC commute than some informed TFC banter).
  2. Squirrel!

We all know that’s the real takeaway this week (massive apologies to Ryan Telfer, but to be fair, Charlie has been talking you up tons, and you just made Team of the Week), so let’s take a moment and celebrate some classic Toronto Fauna hijinks. After all, it did break the internet.

For those that missed it:

Full disclosure time: I was at the game and missed it — I had zero idea what people were cheering for, until word spread around BMO like broken telephone. Judging by some comments around the site, it looks like TSN missed it, too.

It was absolutely hilarious, and that squirrel did manage to ‘score’ a few Golazos on Orlando City SC without even a whiff of VAR controversy or questionable refereeing.

This was not the first time a squirrel stole the show at BMO. Let’s wind the clock all the way back to September 22, 2007. Much leaner times for our beloved Reds, and yet:

In both cases, the fans were ready to ditch Bitchy The Hawk (Ed.: Was Bitchy even around back then? Is she around now? - COC) and promote the squirrel to full mascot status. To be fair, “This is our squirrel!” is possibly the best thing ever.

I don’t think it needs to a be a like-for-like exchange. We need an effective bird of prey, or a trip to BMO would feature at least 2000% more Seagulls. Who’s to say we can’t have both?

Let’s be honest, when the fates hand you something this adorable, you obviously devote your weekly column to it.

So, without further ado, this week’s discussion question is:

Name That Squirrel!

I’ll start us off... “GoalSquirrel”? “Robin van Squirrel”? “Benoit Chestnuts”?

Go directly to the comments section. Do not pass Go. Do not collect $200. Let’s make some magic.


Stating the Obvious — Mic Mac 77 killed it with last week’s Playlist Takeover, Soul Heartbreakers.

He’s one tough act to follow, so I’ll spare anyone else the challenge and handle this week’s salvo myself, with a little help from the usual gang of idiots. I’ve lined up a few more Playlist Takeovers, and the offer stands to the community at large:

Want to do a Playlist Takeover? All you need do is ask.

Anyhoo — this week we’ve got cheeky (pun absolutely intended) Squirrel songs. We’ve got some Florida Funk. I threw in some “stupid Seba red card” allusions, and “Just Can’t Get Enough” is back, baby!