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Toronto FC 0-1 FC Dallas: The good, the bad & the ugly

Ding, dong the pitch is dead.

MLS: FC Dallas at Toronto FC Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sports

The Good

Sebastian Giovinco’s two imaginative free kicks... Auro Jr.’s crosses from the right side... Gregory van der Wiel playing the left side, and doing really well. Again. (See ‘Mavinga’, below)... Greg Vanney is still a wizard. His formation was fine. The team just didn’t execute... Seba’s turn on Matt Hedges in the 68th minute. The Dallas defender’s head is still spinning... Steven Caldwell was right, this was a “great game for a neutral”... Clint Irwin’s stop on Michael Barrios late in the first half... Michael Bradley’s defensive work in the second half (let’s forget the first 45 minutes)... Caldwell was right, again: TFC “created enough opportunities to win two games”... that was the last game on our moonscape pitch.

MLS: FC Dallas at Toronto FC Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sports

The Bad

No squirrel! Where was Nutmeg when we needed him?... Chris Mavinga’s repeated injuries. He is clearly not healthy. Time to really start planning for a season without him... why is anyone in a red shirt allowing Jesse Gonzalez to talk to Seba prior to the penalty?... Ryan Telfer’s body check on Gonzalez in the first half... Greg Vanney’s wardrobe change in the second half. He needs to wear the new, “good luck” red & white checked shirt that he wore against Philly... defending the Trillium Cup in Columbus next week, already down two away goals. Let’s hope that it’s not our only piece of silverware this season... time w..a..s..t..i..n..g... Telfer’s mangled header/face-ball/hand-ball in the first half... a few too many drum beats during the ‘Viking Chant’... using the ‘Viking Chant’ in the first place. Can’t Iceland have its moment in the sun?

MLS: FC Dallas at Toronto FC Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sports

The Ugly

Let’s get all the TSN stuff out of the way... listing Liam Fraser’s number as “63” on the starting line-up graphic... Steven Caldwell in the 38th minute, describing Toronto’s persistent attack: “TFC is champing at the door.” Huh?... Vic Rauter trying to be too cute and getting it all wrong. He forgot Ashtone Morgan’s name: “(TFC) have lost their two left backs. They’ve lost their M&M’s in... Morrow?”... Rauter failing the fact-checking course at journalism school. He told Tim Bezbatchenko that Seba would be 34-years-old at the end of his current contract. Real answer is 32. Bez wrinkled his face and looked like he was going to say something, but just swallowed hard... did Vic think that he was at Roland Garros? Why was he wearing a crisply pressed tennis shirt to cover a football match?... the Caldwell Clock: 2,049 seconds. Over 34 minutes of Steven-speak (not including pre-game and half-time) is a lot to digest... end TSN rant... Urruti’s skunk-hair plume... a little math lesson: the area of the net is 192 sq. ft. The goalie, at full stretch, covers approx. 20 sq. ft. That leaves 89.6% of the net available for a well placed penalty... speaking of empty nets, how did Ricketts miss that? As penance, he should have his head shaved... BMO Field is a Fortress no longer. Maybe the new pitch will change that. Anyone have a lucky loonie?