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6ix on a Wave: Money — What to do about Giovinco’s contract?

Should the Reds throw money at their greatest-ever player? Or wait him out?

MLS: Philadelphia Union at Toronto FC Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sports


We won. Decidedly, with a clean sheet to boot.

Fielding a bizarro-world worthy backline, our beloved (and bedeviled by injuries) Reds put on quite a show Friday evening. It mostly made the gale-force mini-tornados at BMO bearable. Mostly. (Note to self — no spring jacket attempts at BMO until at least August. It’s the only way to be sure).

It’s also been a particularly great week here at WTR. There’s been some engaged and informed community participation across the boards, and some fourth walls broke down at WTR HQ (TL;DR — some of us met each other IRL at Footy Talks mk. 5)

But it hasn’t all been the days of wine and roses in the clubhouse. We’ve had inklings of a chess match developing between the front office and Sebastian Giovinco, the Atomic Ant. The best player in TFC history, the best player in MLS history, and an all-together decent wearer of hats.

Seba-Deba-Doo, incidentally, is playing some of his best football since he arrived in 2015 as TFC’s cheat-code against the entirety of MLS. He’s turned a lot of heads, both domestically, and by virtue of TFC’s deep run in the CONCACAF Champions League, down south in Mexico.

He’s also 31 years old, occupies one of three DP slots through 2019, and earns at least $7,115,555.67 per year.

Seba made the first move when he publicly expressed his desire for an extended contract.

The knee-jerk reaction (certainly mine) is to give the man his money, all the money, as quickly as humanly possible. Yesterday.

Sportswriters far more talented and informed than I have weighed in on the factors that might supersede this.

It’s a no-brainer that Seba and his camp would press for a measure of job security now, while his flame burns brightest. But it’s equally true we celebrate the intelligence and prescience of our front office at least as much as any single player on the team.

They have to consider big-picture stuff like championship windows, salary caps, and aging marquee players, who, if my recollection is correct, all have contracts expiring in the next few years.

How do I feel? In a word, conflicted. While I’d love to go 100% #inbezwetrust, the thought of losing Seba shorts out my logic centre. I’m also lower-case “a” afraid that any kind of drawn-out protracted talks between the two sides would affect Seba’s day-to-day play and overall motivation. He’s a firecracker, and we love him all the more for it.

Plus, Seba just had a daughter, and he’s really embracing the English language; for sure he’s set down some roots in this beautiful city. Shouldn’t we be a bit chuffed he wants to make this his forever-home?

So what do we think?

Is it a blank cheque for Sebastian, or more talks to mutual satisfaction?

Let’s all go to comments, and have ourselves some magic.”


Fun Fact 1 — Musicians are kinda obsessed with money. Who isn’t, really?

Fun Fact 2 — You can easily repurpose sexual innuendo in pop music as capitalistic greed.

Thanks again to the usual gang of idiots in WTR-Land for the sweet recommends. Mic Mac 77, your playlist takeover awaits...