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Travelling Toronto FC fans cause fire in TD Place Stadium

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The play had to be stopped because of all the smoke.

MLS: MLS Cup Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Midway through the second half of Wednesday’s Canadian Championship match between Toronto FC and Ottawa Fury, a group of travelling TFC supporters reportedly lit a flare in their section, setting parts of TD Place Stadium on fire.

The play was stopped as smoke rolled across the pitch, amidst fears that the turf itself could be susceptible to catching on fire. We haven’t had confirmation yet, but the live stream commentary suggested the TFC fans were escorted out of the stadium.

Waking the Red and contributor James Grossi is in Ottawa, and he has reported that a fire truck was called to the venue to help deal with the blaze.

This incident isn’t a good look for the TFC supporters’ groups (there’s plenty of speculation out there about which specific group is to blame; an educated guess can definitely be made but we’ll wait for confirmation). It’s certainly possible the club or its supporters could be facing sanctions in the aftermath of this.

TFC won the Canadian Championship semi-final first leg 1-0.