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Footy Talks Podcast: Have Toronto FC turned a corner?

Or is this another false dawn in a season of many

Toronto FC are officially on a winning streak. Sure it has only been three games, but results wise this is the best stretch of the 2018 season for the club.

The playoffs are still mathematically difficult to reach, but there has been a clear improvement in morale within the dressing room. The club is finally starting to look itself again both in terms of the players in can put on the field and the soccer played.

To be fair, two of the wins during that stretch have come against an Ottawa Fury side who play in USL and were not overtly impressive over two Voyageurs Cup semi-final legs. But at the end of the day Toronto FC can only beat the team in front of them, and they have finally started doing that.

Does this mean things have finally turned the corner for the club? Is it now too late anyway? It’s impossible to say, but Mitchell Tierney and James Grossi of look at some of the improvements to Toronto FC in recent weeks.

The pair also discuss the performances of some of Toronto’s young players against the Ottawa Fury, Toronto FC’s recent transfer activity and the wide open Eastern Conference playoff race.

Discussion then turns to Toronto FC II, where James outlines which young reds have been impressing as of late and might get a shot at the first team soon. They then debate whether or not TFCII moving to USL division 3 is a good idea.

Finally, there is no bigger news in Canadian soccer right now than Alphonso Davies to Bayern Munich. They talk about the pros and potential cons of one of the biggest moves in the history of the sport in this country.

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