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Toronto FC 3-0 Ottawa Fury: The good, the bad & the ugly

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Let’s not get too excited. It was just Ottawa.

MLS: Canadian Championship-Ottawa Fury FC at Toronto FC Nick Turchiaro-USA TODAY Sports

The Good

The weather. It was a perfect evening for footy... Ayo Akinola scoring his first goal for the Big Club... Jonathan Osorio’s haircut. I loved his goal celebration... Justin Morrow’s defensive stop in the second half... Nick Hagglund’s backwards header to Clint Irwin late in the game. A little cheeky, but definitely confident... Liam Fraser really improved as the game went on (but, see “bad” section below)... the Red Patch Boys were in fine fettle. Glad that the supporters’ club sanctions (for all except a few) were lifted just before game time... Chris Mavinga played well all night long. The game moved so slowly for him that he was always one step ahead of Ottawa... Julian de Guzman yukking it up on the sidelines with TFC players and staff prior to the game... no Seba, no Michael Bradley, no Alex Bono, no van der Wiel, no Victor Vazquez — no excuses for Saturday against Chicago... the Canadian Championship will be decided at BMO Field... watching VV sign autographs and take pictures with every single fan that approached him throughout the night, even those who were twenty years older than him. He is a true gentleman. I, on the other hand, would have done it just for the kids. The problem: no one is asking for my autograph. (Maybe that last sentence should be in the “bad” section...)

MLS: Canadian Championship-Ottawa Fury FC at Toronto FC Nick Turchiaro-USA TODAY Sports

The Bad

The gaping holes in Ottawa’s midfield... the fact that TFC did not take mean advantage of those gaping holes, especially during the first half... Jozy took a 45 minute stroll... a victory does not change the fact that possession without purpose is meaningless... does Ottawa know that they are allowed to enter their opponent’s 18-yard box?... Liam Fraser repeatedly going to ground and trying to kick at the ball like a break dancer... the dearth of Ottawa supporters at BMO... no Tosaint. I was really hoping that he would play a few minutes at home... the blaring music from the north end beer truck during the moment of silence to start the match. Very poor event management... Jay Chapman does not have a left foot... how did Kevin Oliveira not get credit for a shot on target in the second half? Was the official scorer too preoccupied wondering why a bottle of water costs $5 at BMO Field? I was.

MLS: Canadian Championship-Ottawa Fury FC at Toronto FC Nick Turchiaro-USA TODAY Sports

The Ugly

The officiating. Phantom calls and blatantly missed calls all night long. Was this a “development game”?... the electronic ad boards went down again. At least this time it was only for two minutes. Maybe we’ll have that fixed by 2026... the pixellated scoreboard. It looked like a game of Space Invaders for most of the night. Is there a problem with BMO Field’s I.T. department?... speaking of I.T., the online streaming was much better this time around. However, in order to truly elevate the status of this tournament, there must be a television broadcast. Maybe this is Sportsnet’s chance to get back in the game... this match had all the intensity of a preseason intra-squad scrimmage. Need the increased competition and improved player development through the CPL to change that as soon as possible. Too lofty an expectation?