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Toronto FC 0-1 New York Red Bulls: The good, the bad & the ugly

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Was it really Canada Day?

MLS: New York Red Bulls at Toronto FC Gerry Angus-USA TODAY Sports

The Good

The second half. That’s what we need for the rest of the season: only one scoring chance allowed and five scoring chances created… Eriq Zavaleta’s goal-saving stop on that one scoring chance allowed, which led directly to Oso’s opportunity, which led to the penalty… Vic Rauter was much better. When he sticks to the play and leaves his atlas at home, he is easy on the ears… the collective defensive effort by the centre-backs against Bradley Wright-Phillips… Jordan Hamilton’s post-up and one-touch to Sebastian Giovinco in the 17th minute… Nicolas Hasler’s shoulder-to-shoulder check in the second half… the curve that Michael Bradley put on the ball on his cross-field pass to Ashtone Morgan … good eyes by Jonathan Osorio and Marky Delgado to spot Tim Parker’s pathetic palm placement… the brave souls who baked in their own juices while sitting in the east stands... the look on my daughters’ faces as they met Victor Vazquez in section 126. He was gracious, kind and patient. He is a class act… speaking of kind, a shout-out goes to the fellow TFC supporters who loaned my daughters a pen to get VV’s autograph, as well as provided a TFC mini flag as a canvas for said signature. More class acts. Thank you (again)!

MLS: Toronto FC at New York City FC Vincent Carchietta-USA TODAY Sports

The Bad

TSN really scraped the barrel to get Janusz Michallik to do the colour commentary. He was decent in the first half but by the second half he was slurring his words and talking gibberish. Why didn’t they call me?... Chico Grajeda (the ref) getting fouls wrong all game long… the missed scoring chances: Hamilton in the 46th, Michael Bradley in the 52nd, Marky Delgado in the 56th (great pass by Seba!), Jonathan Osorio in the 74th… the penalty: the net is 192 sq. feet. The goalie, at full stretch, occupies 20 sq. feet. Ah, forget it! I’ll save the lesson for Spain and Denmark… all the action occurred at the south end. Second game in a row where this has happened. The new pitch must be tilted (make a mental note for the coin toss, Mr. Bradley)... was Greg Vanney hoping for a Canada Day miracle by subbing on Ashtone Morgan, Ryan Telfer and Jay Chapman? More of an indictment against Ager Aketxe than anything else. Right now, Ager is a $1.3 million paperweight.

MLS: New York Red Bulls at Toronto FC Gerry Angus-USA TODAY Sports

The Ugly

Minutes 30–45 were the worst that TFC have played since 2011. Even the Timbits Soccer game at halftime was better… Alex Bono’s butterfingers. This, despite the fact that his fancy gloves totally matched his fancy boots… MLSE doing absolutely NOTHING special for Canada Day. It is a big deal for a family to watch their favourite team at home on the day itself. Yet, there were no special jerseys, no giveaways, no activities, no special merchandise, no fly-overs, no guest anthem singers and nothing special at the break (unless you count Tony, the pizza guy). Guess Head Office blew the budget on John Tavares… the BMO Field experience: nowhere near enough visible paramedics on a day that was hotter than a ghost pepper in the Sahara, constant slipping hazards with rivers of water (?) festooning the concourse, uninterested/unhelpful security personnel, the rag-tag look of the temporary stands. As my wife said, if MLSE is going to charge top dollar, then they need to provide a better environment. She’s right.