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Minnesota United 4-3 Toronto FC: The good, the bad & the ugly

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Was that the final nail?

MLS: Toronto FC at Minnesota United FC Harrison Barden-USA TODAY Sports

The Good

Our summer is free to pursue other endeavours. There is no more hope. Not even Obi-Wan could save us now. The remaining MLS season is just a huge, intense practice for this year’s Canadian Championship, and next year’s CONCACAF Champions League... my Stockholm syndrome is now gone. I am officially “angry”... Sebastian Giovinco is also visibly angry and frustrated. Maybe that will be a catalyst for change (but, see “bad” below)... nice to see Justin Morrow hit the scoresheet. It gave me hope. But, Darwin’s theory being what it is, Quintero quickly extinguished that weak sentiment... the boys did not wear their white away kit... Ayo Akinola taking the pitch. Congratulations, young man! Learn all that you can, and don’t be afraid to make mistakes. It doesn’t matter at this point... I really like the MLS Nativo game ball. The synthetic leather is so smooth, it’s like kicking a tanned, round, cow’s bum.

MLS: Toronto FC at Minnesota United FC Harrison Barden-USA TODAY Sports

The Bad

Speaking of bums, the same lineup that did so well in the second half against the Red Bulls melted like crap on a stick against the lowly Loons. What’s a coach to do?... will Nico Hasler ever score another goal?... anyone see Ager Aketxe? Check your nearest bank. Chances are he laughed his way there... Sebastian Giovinco is visibly angry and frustrated. A terrible season, absolutely no fun on the pitch, a languishing contract situation... comparing our current club to the 2016 Seattle Sounders. Seattle turned it around with a coaching change and the addition of Nicolas Lodeiro. Ironically, their turning point occurred on July 24 after an away loss to Sporting Kansas City... hmmm, next up for our Reds is SKC, on the road. Can we pry Matias Laba away from Argentina and Robin van Persie away from Feyenoord by then?

MLS: Toronto FC at Minnesota United FC Harrison Barden-USA TODAY Sports

The Ugly

TSN. They’re the gift that just keeps on giving... all this talk of “fire Greg Vanney.” Just silly. It took a long time for him to get my vote, and it will take an even longer time for him to lose it. But, I will say that the 3-5-2 with this existing roster is his tragic flaw. I think that he may have finally realized that... I still plan to buy a replica 2017 Championship ring. Are they made in Stockholm?... does Clint Irwin know where the goal line is?... come to think of it, where was the goal line? That “pitch” is an abomination and an absolute disgrace. The “M” stands for “maledict.” Which, coincidentally, is what our team is currently experiencing. Anyone know a good witch doctor, shaman or Jedi?