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Sporting KC 2-2 Toronto FC: The good, the bad & the ugly

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On a pitch like that, it was a ‘gritty’ performance.

MLS: Toronto FC at Sporting KC Amy Kontras-USA TODAY Sports

The Good

So far, Toronto FC is undefeated during the second half of the season... a new formation. The flat 4-4-2 to start the game was a breath of fresh air... a greater emphasis on defence and playing patient football, rather than chasing an elusive, quick goal... the series of eight consecutive passes that led to Jonathan Osorio’s tally... Greg Vanney switching to a 4-3-3 in the second half to inspire the lads offensively, while still protecting the back. Hopefully, the formation wizard has fixed his magic wand for good... TFC maintaining tight lines for most of the first half... the electronic ad boards at Children’s Mercy Park. That’s what BMO Field should aspire to... Oso’s sixth MLS goal of the season (see ‘bad’ section, below)... Jordan Hamilton’s aggressive and inspired play, including his stellar strike in the 69th minute... Michael Bradley screaming at the team after a lack of concentration led to Gerso Fernandes’ shot in the 74th... the strength that Seba showed versus 6’ 2” Ike Opara for most of the match... the transfer window is set to open. Time for TBez to correct the mistakes that were made earlier this year.

MLS: Toronto FC at Sporting KC Amy Kontras-USA TODAY Sports

The Bad

Jonathan Osorio’s tenth goal of 2018. Potentially, one goal closer to Germany... it’s time for BMO to change those “better together” ads. They are at least two years old. Still a ways to go before they hit Marineland territory, but they are getting stale... no respect: Graham Zusi’s 65-yard attempt to catch Alex Bono off his line... someone has to teach Vic Rauter what an ‘overlapping run’ is... Vic also referred to Oso’s goal as “KC (being) caught on the counter.” (?) It started with a throw in SKC’s end... Alex Bono’s continued problems distributing the ball. His goal kick in the 61st minute was to an area where only Seba and Opara stood. Gee, I wonder who won that aerial battle? Opara’s header started the move that led to SKC’s second goal. Credit to Canadian journalism legend Michael Benedict (a TFC fan and WTR reader) for pointing out that Bono must improve this area of his game.

MLS: Toronto FC at Sporting KC Amy Kontras-USA TODAY Sports

The Ugly

Same old errors in the second half: ball-watching, loose lines, lack of concentration, poor communication... the hole that TFC must dig themselves out of is now an abyss... in the spirit of summer, SKC’s field crew arranged for a beach soccer game... the crowd booing Captain Bradley. I thought that these childish shenanigans were over... did you catch it? TSN’s graphics incorrectly attributed Zavaleta’s yellow card (on the penalty) to Osorio... Johnny Russell’s goal. Everyone was weak: Bono, Bradley, Osorio, Morrow, Zavaleta and Hagglund all played a role in that breakdown... continued giveaways by Marky Delgado. He’s playing like he did in 2016... Gerso Fernandes had his way with the right side of TFC’s defence all night long... soccer jerseys with collars and buttons... Sporting Kansas City’s crest. Is that a snake? Where is the “K”? Does the “S” stand for “sand”?