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Toronto FC 5-3 LA Galaxy: The Good, the Bad & the Ugly

The Lion roared but the General refused to back down.

MLS: Los Angeles Galaxy at Toronto FC Nick Turchiaro-USA TODAY Sports

The Good

That was an entertaining game... the General Admission section of BMO Field is alive and well... LA’s new coach moonlights as Bill Manning’s doppelganger... Greg Vanney’s “Kick Cancer” scarf... Zlatan’s interview with KJ. The great players remember everything. That’s part of the magic... Gregory van der Wiel’s cross to Victor Vazquez on TFC’s first goal... the Galaxy’s rehearsed corner in the 12th minute (but see “Bad”, below)... the smart ball from VV to Delgado which, two touches later, led to Altidore’s tally... Jonny O’s goal and assist, not to mention his strong midfield play... Luke Wileman mentioning the vdW/Zlatan connection... Jozy’s spectacular 1-on-2 move in the 57th minute. Shame that his right foot failed him at the end... Seba following up on his own pass. If he simply sat back and admired his handiwork, then TFC would not have scored that third goal... Zlatan’s other-worldly combination of football and martial arts... the way that Steven Caldwell says “karate”... the “Fortress BMO” banner has finally been removed from the south-east corner... the five-pass move that culminated in Delgado’s “sublime” cross and Oso’s game winner... Caldwell calling that fourth goal right after Zlatan’s giveaway... Seba’s cheeky attempt on target from the corner flag... the Confrontation: the Lion tried, but the General stood his ground. That’s the Captain that we know and love. This clash of egos is good for the League.

MLS: Los Angeles Galaxy at Toronto FC Nick Turchiaro-USA TODAY Sports

The Bad

For an arrogant sod, Zlatan engages in a lot of nervous laughter. If he is a Laughing Swede, then does that make Peter Schmeichel a Screaming Viking?... MAM (Mavinga, Auro, Moor) are still MIA... the “Hard Core Bono” banner. What does that even mean?... I was right months ago when I said that we should plan for a season without Mavinga. Pity that Bez doesn’t listen... the late-comers on the east side of the field... Caldwell and Wileman berating vdW for his honesty. Gregory is right - this team will not make the playoffs this year. It’s okay to say that the emperor has no clothes. I’ve been saying that since the debacle in Minnesota. Again, pity that Bez doesn’t listen... the ad boards at BMO are still promoting “MLS Rivalry Weekend,” which concluded on August 25th. I have sent them a calendar... Jonathan dos Santos nutmegging Oso in the first half (and I’m not talking about the squirrel)... horrible aerial defending by TFC on LA’s 12th minute corner. That was a harbinger of things to come... the “Kick Cancer” ribbons on the players’ jerseys are just cheap stickers. Hasn’t anyone heard of thread?

MLS: Los Angeles Galaxy at Toronto FC Nick Turchiaro-USA TODAY Sports

The Ugly

Minutes 43 through 63. We all saw it. No need to elaborate... the possibility that Greg Vanney may actually believe that TFC has a shot at sixth place and, therefore, will field a second-rate lineup against Tigres. I did not pay ridiculous money to see Liam Fraser, Ryan Telfer, Tsubasa Endoh or Jason Hernandez... Jay Chapman’s facial hair looks like a Clint Irwin/Jonathan Osorio mash-up... the Lion’s arrogance: no autographs despite people waiting over three hours in the heat, and screaming for a chance to grab his scribble... the smoke at BMO. It’s quite laughable at this point... the Galaxy’s defence... the referee’s pedantic behaviour and small feet — there is no way that those walls were ten yards back... TFC’s “defence”... TFC’s “defence”... TFC’s...