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New York Red Bulls 2-0 Toronto FC: The Good, the Bad & the Ugly

So glad that the team “saved” itself for this one.

MLS: Toronto FC at New York Red Bulls Vincent Carchietta-USA TODAY Sports

The Good

Just like in the Campeones Cup, Toronto FC played a solid, patient game against a superior opponent for the first 60 minutes (but, see “bad” below)... Michael Bradley running back and playing the angle correctly against a much faster opponent in Bradley Wright-Phillips. He did this twice against Tigres as well. See, Michael is valuable... Alex Bono’s powder-puff pink gloves and shoes. Pity that his play has not been as bold as his wardrobe... the rivalry between Luis Robles and Victor Vazquez continues. Did you see the two of them nipping at each other before VV’s free kick in the second half? It was great!... nice to see Chris Mavinga back on D. But, really, why? So that he can get injured next week? Shut him down and strengthen him for 2019... Michael Bradley marshalling the back line by shouting directions to Hagglund, Delgado, Osorio and Morrow throughout the match. See, Michael is valuable... Tos Ricketts’ header in the second half. Nice save by Robles as well... Jozy Altidore’s awesome pass to a streaking Marky Delgado in the first half... just like he has done since 2014, Michael Bradley continues to lead this team in passes per game (81) and his accuracy is close to 90%. His 1.1 key passes per 90 minutes is better than his 0.8 average from a year ago. See, Michael is valuable... now we can all finally admit that the emperor is buck naked and get on with preparing for 2019.

MLS: Toronto FC at New York Red Bulls Vincent Carchietta-USA TODAY Sports

The Bad

The fact that the emperor is buck naked in the first place... the game is 90 minutes long, not 60... subbing-in Ashtone Morgan during the dying stages of the game. Still can’t figure that one out. Maybe Morgan has an “appearance bonus” in his contract... VV’s almost Own Goal. The reaction of the Ball Girl behind the net is priceless... the transfer fee to acquire Lucas Janson/Yanson/Hanson is probably not worth it. Bez better be smarter with his doubloons this off-season... if you’re Auro, do you really want to stay here? I hope that the answer is “yes”... terrible giveaway by vdW early in the match, right onto the foot of Kaku. (But, who closed off the Red Bull attacker? MB4, that’s who.)... Altidore’s terribly fragile feet/ankles... Jonathan Osorio has been non-existent these past two matches. Maybe that’s because he is forced to play a more defensive role in midfield with Bradley on defence. See, Michael is valuable... JYHanson needs to find the net with more venom. Jozy gave him an absolute sitter in the 25th minute... Nick Hagglund as a forward? In an MLS game? What’s next - Tsubasa Endoh in goal?... Ricketts’ heavy foot and lack of awareness on that glorious scoring chance in the 58th minute. He has to be better than that. He has to.

MLS: Toronto FC at New York Red Bulls Vincent Carchietta-USA TODAY Sports

The Ugly

All this talk of “get rid of Bradley”. Same short-sighted people used the same, simple logic when they wanted to drum Drew Moor out of town. These same people are now claiming that Moor is the lynchpin that kept the defence together. Old adage: you never really know what you have until it’s gone... the three goals that Toronto has allowed against the Red Bulls this year have all been howlers... Justin Morrow’s play (lack of play) over the past month. Right now, he is all over the field. He is also a liability on defence and has not contributed offensively. Maybe Ashtone should have started... Eriq Zavaleta. Everyone is allowed to fall once in a while. But, this latest “arse-over-tea kettle” display is the comedic cherry on top of a very large sundae. We kept him over Raheem Edwards and Steven Beitashour? (Yes, I am back on that soapbox.)... Michael Bradley’s flat footed attempt to clear(?) the ball off the line. I know, this works against my argument, but journalistic integrity and all that... Bono looks like he needs a sleep. A very longgg sleep... “saving” Altidore and Vazquez for this predictable loss at Red Bull Arena. So glad that the team’s brass minimized the importance of the first ever Campeones Cup... there is every possibility that Atlanta United will beat Toronto FC’s single season record of 69 points, and they could do it at BMO Field. Now, that’s ugly!