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6ix on a Wave — The End

The season may be pretty much over, but there’s still time for one last serving of pain. Let’s get in line at the buffet table of tears.

MLS: Toronto FC at New York Red Bulls Vincent Carchietta-USA TODAY Sports

We have a very special Playlist Takeover this week ... one I have been trying to sort out for awhile ... an intra-WTR-Staff special ... and yes, the ellipses should be a dead giveaway.

Out of respect, I didn’t want to tack on my usual lead-off track/title association, so I’ll start this week off with an epic downer, courtesy of Jim Morrison and company, featuring Francis Ford Coppola on viz:

Listening to this tune as I draft this out — Holy prescient, Batman!

“The West is the best”? — LOL.

“The Blue Bus (Montreal) is calling us”? — DAMN.

“Father? I want to kill you” ? — well... see below.

Now that we are all sufficiently bummed/in the same headspace; let’s talk some TFC.

It’s “Apocalypse Now” time, indeed.

Not only did we get pwned by Tigres on Wednesday, in front of a paltry crowd, no less, but the game we ‘saved’ ourselves for, this Saturday’s tilt away in New Jersey vs. the Red Bulls, was another bitterly disappointing loss, featuring some of the worst soccer gaffes from Toronto FC in a season replete with them.

That’s something, I guess? We’re getting better at being “clown shoes bad” (I wish I could find this tweet, had me chuckling all day yesterday, but alas, no joy).

I found this tweet though, and just as quickly really wished I hadn’t:

So there you have it, sports fans. Our season may be over, our already slim playoff hopes dashed in the least satisfying way possible, and now this — a final (?) indignity — the game MLS suits planned to be a “clash of the champions” or another “2-2 Special” could well be the game that Atlanta United better our “best of all time” points record, a record we broke just one season ago (feels like a few eternities ago, doesn’t it?). IN OUR HOUSE.


Not much more to say, beyond the obvious fact that to a neutral, or the entire MLS brass, really, this has to be the perfect narrative. Atlanta United — the darlings of the league — usurping those Canadian pretenders to the throne and negating their ‘fluke’ 2017. (“I mean, seriously, can BMO Field hold a candle to Benz Stadium anyway? That place has like 4 beer taps for every person.” - Anyone but me)

For homers like us — this must absolutely be the darkest timeline. The last stop before Rock Bottom City ... I hope.

And once we reach Rock Bottom City — and I expect we may get there before Atlanta comes to town — we need to take a long, hard look at this team. From the FO down, nobody should be safe. Everyone’s job should be on the line.

Especially the brainiac at MLSE that had the massive cajones to even threaten to charge us for 2018 playoff tickets in advance. A plague on both your houses.

Which circles us back to that Doors lyric. “Father? I want to kill you.” Or rather, “(Greg)Father? I want to fire you.”

I’ve been pretty upset with the whole #VanneyOut thing. I’ve held my digital tongue reading comments calling for his head on WTR, MLS Mothership, and the Social Medias. When I did chime in, I stressed the idea of continuity, especially considering the revolving door of styles and managers that kept us firmly entrenched as MLS laughing stock/dunce for oh-so-many years at the outset.

I’m not as upset anymore. “Continuity”, it would seem, has jumped the shark into the “bad word” column. Pretty sure no one reading this wants to see any kind of continuity from this “season” to the next — I sure don’t.

Really. I’d rather watch TFC III lose every game next season 12-0 over the emotional rollercoaster we’ve all just endured.

But I’m also well aware of how knee-jerk firing the manager is in this sport we all love. A coach dealing with all the bad luck, as Vanney has this year, cannot be held solely responsible, right?

But he also cannot and should not be given a free pass. After this unmitigated disaster, no one should be immune to the massive top-to-bottom rethink that is most assuredly coming. No one. Even Bitchy the Hawk needs to be extra hawky or Nutmeg is taking her spot.


I’ve read some really well-thought out arguments as to why Vanney is responsible for this dumpster fire. I’ve read equally well-structured arguments to the contrary. Many of them on this here site — thing is, those arguments don’t take into account what may go down as one of the worst weeks, across the board, in club history, and the not at all insignificant detail that one of the major victories of last year — the single season points record — is about to get torched and become yet another asterisk when history remembers TFC 2017, if history can muster the strength to even bother.

Seeing as our Guest Playlist takeover is 18 tracks strong and all about Vanney, that’s our question this week:

#VanneyOut? #VanneyIn?

For the record, While I’m still just slightly on the “#VanneyIn” side, It won’t take much to convince me otherwise at this point. Sad to be here, but that’s the way the cookie crumbles.

Somebody please vouch for the Gregfather in the comments! Is there any positivity left in WTR-Land?

THIS WEEK’S PLAYLIST: a coup for me, of sorts. I got everyone’s favourite Allan, Allan Singh of The Good, the Bad and the Ugly fame, and the reason I started writing for WTR in the first place (I adore his column) to select 18 tracks in tribute to the Gregfather. These are always a treat, as we get to see what kind of music tastes our other staff possess. Allan has given us a playlist as smart, cheeky, and meta as his weekly column.

Hopefully, this brings my rant above into a bit of balance. I feel terrible for being so negative — but this week, especially after the parade of ignominious crapola that was Saturday’s fixture, has really knocked the wind out of my sails. I don’t really feel like blowing smoke up anyone’s behind — save for Allan, of course.