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Footy Talks Podcast: Free Inebriatti?

Does the punishment fit the crime(s)?

Tagwa Moyo/Waking the Red

There has been a noticeable absence from BMO Field of late. Section 114, usually the loudest in the stadium, has been empty and quiet.

It is likely to stay that way for some time as its usual inhabitants, the Inebriatti, have lost their supporters group status after a well-publicized incident in Ottawa. But the aftermath of that decision certainly hasn’t died down yet.

Take a look at any social media and you will quickly realize there are two very different positions on this decision by the club. There are those who believe that the group had crossed the line one too many times, and those who think the punishment was far too harsh.

Tagwa Moyo, Waking the Red’s photographer, joins the Footy Talks podcast this week to give his take on the debate. He and Mitchell Tierney go back and forth about whether or not the punishment fit the crime.

Also on this week’s Footy Talks podcast, they talk about the fallout as Toronto FC’s season appears to be over, Jonathan Osorio’s new contract and how well Lucas Janson has fit into the side in his first few appearances.

Also on the show is a discussion about sports photography, as Tagwa fills us in on the tricks of the trade. Then the guys wrap up by talking about Tagwa’s favourite club, Everton, and what he expects from them this season.

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