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New Toronto FC documentary to air next week

The Northern Touch explores Toronto FC supporter culture and fandom

MLS: Toronto FC at Philadelphia Union Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

On Tuesday March 12 at 7:30 p.m. EST, TSN Sports will air a brand new documentary called ‘The Northern Touch,’ a part of the ‘Engraved on a Nation’ series which looks at uniquely Canadian sports experiences.

This documentary focuses on the supporter culture and the fan connection with the club. From the producers themselves:

During the 2018 Concacaf Championship run, the Toronto FC Supporters were taken on a ride ten years in the making. In a country not known for soccer, and in a city dominated by hockey, Toronto FC supporters are finally getting the respect they deserve after winning the MLS Cup in 2017 and being one kick away from being crowned Concacaf Champions.

Despite their club’s historic run, the year was not without its controversy with one of the largest supporter groups inciting a fire at an opposing team’s stadium that resulted in a lifetime ban from their home field, leaving the rest of the fans struggling to reclaim their identity.

The Northern Touch is an unfiltered look into North America’s most passionate soccer supporters. Meet crazy Grazi, the mother of two who never misses a game and can be found turfside literally beating the TFC drum. Douglas, who attends every game in a kilt, even in freezing cold weather. Dylan who spends 30-40 hrs a week preparing his group (Kings In The North) for the upcoming battle. Frank, who crafted the trophy that MLS hands out to the team with the best regular season record — Supporters Shield. And the rest of the supporters who bleed red.

Their passion and commitment to this team is unmistakable, with an unwavering and unrelenting presence in the south end of the club’s cathedral — BMO Field. These supporters have created a blueprint that has influenced other MLS teams and given an identity to a new generation of North American soccer fans through a distinctly Canadian lens.

During filming of the documentary, I was contacted by the producers who had read my article on what Toronto FC meant to me and my family.

They wanted to incorporate stories of fans outside of the supporter groups as well, so we were happy to share our wonderful stories of BMO Field on camera as well. I have yet to see the final product, but I hope all fellow fans remember the old adage of “the camera adds 10 pounds” when seeing me on their screen!

Hope everyone gets a chance to watch it and enjoy the stories of our beloved club.