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Update: Jozy Altidore, Bill Manning settle their differences, resolve spat

It seems this has all been sorted out.

MLS: Minnesota United FC at Toronto FC Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

Jozy Altidore made headlines Friday night by lashing out at Toronto FC president Bill Manning, suggesting that he had terminated club trainer Giuseppe Gueli due to his connection with Sebastian Giovinco.

Today, the situation appears to have been resolved. Altidore posted on his Instagram story footage of himself working with Gueli over the weekend, and now reports are emerging that TFC had been in talks with the training for some time.

Seems like the whole ordeal may have been a bit of a miscommunication, resulting in frustration on Jozy’s part:

Altidore also apologized for his comments on Twitter:

Water under the bridge? Seems like the situation has been figured out, and Altidore will be able to work with Gueli regularly. A very swift end to what could’ve turned into an extremely ugly situation, it seems.

Unfortunately, we got some other news out of today: it appears that Altidore will miss 2-3 weeks with his muscle injury.